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Luton is a town that has everything. A long history, thriving industry and all the amenities you need – with London just down the motorway.

There was a settlement here long before the Romans arrived and Luton has been attracting people ever since. Today it is one of the most vibrant and dynamic towns in the country with famous name industries and co mmercial companies centred in the town, thriving retail centres and mark ets that offer food, clothing and artisan goods from the many different cultures and communities that have made Luton their home.

There are bars and restaurants, pubs and clubs offering every t ype of cuisine and music. The town has its own theatre, museum, ample parkland and a choice of cinemas. The local football club has a famous history and there are sports venues, gyms, golf clubs and exercise facilities to keep you in shape. You'll find good schools, a hospital and the town even has its own airport. Yet you don't have to travel far to find yourself in the peace and quiet of the country, whenever you wish to escape from the urban buzz. With delightful historic cities such as St Albans to explore on a long, leisurely weekend.
From the heart of Luton to the heart of the Capital in only 35 minutes.

Luton must be one of the best-connected towns in the world. Its airport is so well known it even had a pop song composed about it and it has grown into one of the main airports serving London and the South. Many con sider it a favourite.

The Romans built the original road. Nowadays, the M1 motorway provides a superhighway to London, the Midlands, Yorkshire and Scotland, as well as the M25. The rail line will whisk you into London St Pancras in under half an hour. Whether you take the train or drive, it's a simple and st raightforward commute into London.

Lintone Place
Starling Court, Union Street, Luton LU1 3AN